Waste Detector

WasteDetector automatically detects waste, litter and additions in the outdoor area using Deep learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.
The system can be easily installed in one or more existing vehicles and will automatically detect the litter and additions in the outdoor area.
This information becomes immediately available to the organization (mostly municipalities) and helps you planning the removal of the waste.

Some advantages:

A cleaner city!

The goal of deploying the WasteDetector solution is a cleaner city. Because waste placements are recognized quickly and accurately without human intervention, cleaning actions can be taken immediately. Using the collected data the collection / clean up process is maximally efficient. Using the data and photos the best fitting vehicle can be selected to do the cleaning job. This combination provides enormous savings and ensures a more efficient use of resources. In addition, rapid processing of additional placements prevents the number of additional placements from growing.
Wastedetector car
Wastedetector inside-camera

Easy installation

When monitoring public space, our small, handy cameras can be easily attached to the inside of a door window with a suction cup. The small WasteDetector AI processing unit inside the car ensures that all personal data is blurred directly in the car so that only the detected waste data is stored. In this way, only images of the waste itself without personal data are used and the GDPR and AVG are fully complied with.

Automated detection

During driving the system automatically recognizes and detects waste. There is no map needed thanks to the trained waste AI models. According to the type of waste, it can be determined the appropriate size garbage truck to remove the waste
Wastedetector litter addition
Wastedetector backoffice

WasteDetector backoffice

The collected information including: location (street name and/or GPS coordinates) is forwarded to the back office. Statistics are built up about waste locations and types. The back office can be accessed via a secure browser login. In the back office, users can retrieve and visualize situations / locations that require a visual check via the Image Review module. The following image gives an impression of the image review. The photo, metadata, a map/street view as well as processing buttons are displayed at the same time. You can easily browse through this.

Follow up / cleaning process

After detection, the waste location and photos becomes available for the clean process. Using the wastedection followup-app, digital map or email users know where to go and what type of waste can be expected. After cleaning the detected spot; the waste status is updated.
Wastedetector matras
Wastedetector flow


The waste detector system includes: The system can be installed on multiple cars so that you always have a complete overview of all waste deposits in the city.

More information / contact

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